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Get your hands on this vintage Poupou-Shirt and support a good cause.

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Like the original

In memory of Raymond Poulidor, the Alpecin-Fenix riders during the official Le Tour de France team presentation, will wear a cycling kit inspired by the colors worn by Raymond Poulidor during his entire career, the former French Mercier-teams.

This limited edition is only available here and with every purchase you support a good cause.

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Next generation:

For the coming season, the proceeds will go to an initiative that promotes young cyclists. We will announce details of this later in the 2021 season.

His generosity lay elsewhere, in his attitude toward fans, who were touched by his natural simplicity, who were drawn to him all the more because he seemed to understand the trials and tribulations of the average French person.

PHILIPPE BOUVET, former head of the cycling department at L’Équipe